Hemocompatibility of dialyzers – How novel membranes may improve hemodialysis treatment

Created on 13/07/2023 12:00

Watch the three excellent talks from Prof. Peter Stenvinkel, Prof. Muriel Grooteman and Dr. Fatih Kircelli followed by lively Q&A at 2023 ERA congress in Milan

This year at the 60th ERA congress the FME industry symposium was dedicated to hemocompatibility of dialyzers. Discover and expand your knowledge on how novel membranes may improve dialysis therapy for your kidney patients. Explore the three talks from Prof. P. Stenvinkel, Prof. M. Grooteman and Dr. F. Kircelli followed by lively Q&A.


Watch the ERA 2023 industry symposium in Milan and expand your knowledge in membrane science  here on the Nephrology campus

Prof. Dr. Alberto Ortiz –Clinical expectations on hemocompatibility of dialyzer

Prof. Dr. Peter Stenvinkel – Inflammation – the fire that burns within

Prof. Dr. Muriel Grooteman – Biocompatibility of dialyzer membranes: Relevance in current clinical practice

Dr. Fatih Kircelli – From bench to bedside – The development of a novel hydrolayer membrane