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Deciphering the core elements around haemodialysis therapy
S.K. Bowry, A.A. Ortiz and F.W. Maddux

The scientific principles and technological determinants of haemodialysis membranes
S.K. Bowry and C. Chazot

The membrane perspective of uraemic toxins: which ones should, or can, be removed?
S.K. Bowry, P. Kotanko, R. Himmele, X. Tao and M. Anger

Flummoxed by flux: the indeterminate principlesof haemodialysis
S.K. Bowry, F. Kircelli and M. Misra

Choices in hemodialysis therapies: variants, personalized therapy and application of evidence-based medicine
B. Canaud, S. Stuard, F. Laukhuf, G. Yan, M.I. Gomez Canabal, P.S. Lim and M.A. Kraus

Blood-incompatibility in haemodialysis: alleviating inflammation and effects of coagulation
S.K. Bowry, F. Kircelli, R. Himmele and S.U. Nigwekar

Multitargeted interventions to reduce dialysis-induced systemic stress
B. Canaud, M.P. Stephens, M. Nikam, M. Etter and A. Collins

Clinical relevance of abstruse transport phenomena in haemodialysis
S.K. Bowry, F. Kircelli, M. Nandakumar and T.J. Vachharajani

Informed decision-making in delivery of dialysis: combining clinical outcomes with sustainability
C. Apel, C. Hornig, F.W. Maddux, T. Ketchersid, J. Yeung and A. Guinsburg