Congress day 1: Life/news introduces Life/TV – Join the interview with Prof. Ray Vanholder

Created on 15/09/2021 13:15

Life/TV is presented by our congress chairmen Prof. Dr. Peter Stenvinkel and Prof. Dr. Christoph Wanner

The first day of the Life/2021 nephrology congress invites you to gain insights on various exciting scientific topics. Join your host Kristina zur Muehlen at Life/TV for an overview and voices of special guests to guide you through your personal agenda.


Life/TV on Wednesday welcomes you to the first day of the congress. Kristina zur Muehlen will point out some special sessions, e.g., the conversation about hypoxia-inducible-factor between the experts Prof. Eckardt and the Nobel Laureate Prof. Sir Ratcliffe. Prepare yourself by watching a short video that explains the molecular background of this conversation.
Prof. Vanholder is today's special guest at Life/TV. Join the interview of Kristina zur Muehlen and Prof. Vanholder on the topic of patient advocacy and chronic kidney disease awareness.
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Life/2021 nephrology congress
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