Dr. Allan J. Collins, Dr. Maria F. Slon Roblero, and Prof. Dr. James G. Heaf: Cardioprotective dialysis at home

Created on 13/06/2023 12:00

Watch Dr. Allan J. Collins, Dr. Maria F. Slon Roblero and Prof. Dr. James G. Heaf talk about Cardioprotective dialysis at home

One of the most concerning risk factors for end-stage kidney disease is cardiovascular damage. Home hemodialysis (HHD) is a means of personalizing the approach to renal replacement therapy aiming at the reduction of the high incidence of cardiovascular disease.

These lectures will show how stress on the heart and the vascular system contributes to kidney failure, resulting in inefficient excess fluid removal and causing elevated blood pressure. Consequently, fluid status needs close monitoring and frequent adjustments. Treatment options, such as the home-based treatment modality HHD, allow for detection and control of fluid overload, hypertension, cardiac remodeling, and vascular calcification, which are essential factors to preserve and improve the cardiovascular health of individual patients.

Watch the open access lectures of Dr. Allan J. Collins, Dr. Maria F. Slon Roblero, and Prof. Dr. James G. Heaf discussing cardioprotective dialysis at home here on the Nephrology Campus.

Allan J Collins

Cardioprotection: Applying dialytic modalities to preserve cardiovascular health


James G Heaf

Optimizing fluid status in home hemodialysis


Maria F Slon Roblero

Improving cardiovascular outcomes with home hemodialysis