60th ERA Congress in Milan: Prof. Dr. Peter Stenvinkel Shares His Scientific Highlights!

Created on 08/09/2023 10:00

Watch the interview with Prof. Dr. Peter Stenvinkel

No doubt, one of the biggest highlights were the remarkable findings from the CONVINCE trial presented by Prof. Dr. Peter Blankestijn in the late breaking clinical trial session. This groundbreaking study demonstrated that high-volume Hemodiafiltration (HV-HDF) offers significant clinical advantages for patient survival compared to the more commonly used high-flux Hemodialysis.

Prof. Dr. Peter Stenvinkel, the scientific co-chair of the Life/nephrology campus and scientific co-organizer of the 61st ERA congress next year in Stockholm, expressed his enthusiasm in the interview. He highlighted that the presented findings from the CONVINCE trial, along with other positive clinical studies involving novel CKD medications, could pave the way for future research and clinical advancements in nephrology.

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