Life/ provides novel insights to improve your patients´ hemodialysis setting – sessions now available in your local languages!

Created on 17/05/2022 09:00

Keep yourself updated with novel insights on how to improve your patients´ hemodialysis setting

Do you want to improve patient outcomes in your hemodialysis setting? 

There are always new things to learn

Despite many decades of experience with Hemodialysis, research is ongoing and continuously provides promising improvements in patient care. Digitalization and data analysis offer new opportunities in personalizing patient therapies. Moreover, there are many novel insights in areas like sodium and anemia management or patient-centered or shared care.   
Learn more and watch further lectures from this learning pathway presented by the world´s most renowned nephrology experts.  Many sessions from the Life/2021 nephrology congress are now available in a variety of local languages. Even more sessions have been translated into FrenchSpanishItalianRussian, and Turkish and can be found in the Life/library.


Anemia management in the next decade
- D. Wheeler, K.-U. Eckardt
Cardiovascular protection in End-Stage Kidney Disease
- B. Canaud, M. W. Taal, J. Floege, A. Więcek, F. Mallamaci
Challenges in dialysis delivery: Sodium balance, fluid status and
organ damage
- V. Cantaluppi, S. Davies, M. W. Taal 
Do we need potassium binders to combat hyperkalemia in
patients with advanced chronic kidney disease?
- J. Floege, A. Więcek 
Sodium, volume control and cardiovascular outcomes in dialysis
- B. Canaud
Taking leaps to a personalized iron and anemia management
- D. Wheeler, K.-U. Eckardt, S. Stuard
Uremic toxins and hemodiafiltration
- R. Vanholder, V. Panichi
see all sessions in the Life/library.

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