Join the next HD spotlight webinar with Prof. Madhukar Misra, MD, University of Missouri, USA, on the Life/ nephrology campus

Created on 08/06/2022 09:00

In this webinar, today´s concepts and terminology on “flux” will be addressed and discussed in detail, from diverse angles.

The next HD spotlight event is almost here! Register now to join chairman Prof. Dr. Peter Stenvinkel and speaker Prof. Madhukar Misra, MD, on June 14, 2022/5–6 pm CEST! 
HD spotlight webinar series, chaired by Prof. Dr. Peter Stenvinkel, Karolinska Institutet Stockholm, Sweden, provides nephrology news delivered by international speakers. The upcoming (fourth) webinar focuses on: flummoxed by flux: the indeterminate principles of hemodialysis. Prof. Madhukar Misra, MD, University of Missouri, USA, is the speaker for this webinar. The session will be recorded to enable on-demand access afterwards.


what HD spotlight is about
HD spotlight is for nephrology professionals who appreciate timely, insightful content delivered by eight international speakers to lead curated webinar sessions spanning the spectrum of current dialysis membrane topics. Check the list of eight current dialysis topics below


all eight webinars are chaired by Prof. Peter Stenvinkel, MD, PhD, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden.


part 01: perceiving the pivotal attributes of hemodialysis therapy


June 14, 2022/ 5 – 6 pm CEST
04. Flummoxed by flux: 
the indeterminate principles of hemodialysis
What is flux?
speaker: Prof. Madhukar Misra, MD, University of Missouri, USA


part 02: mitigating the ramifications of hemodialysis


September 13, 2022/ 5 – 6 pm CEST
05. Hemoincompatibility in hemodialysis: 
alleviating inflammation and anticoagulation
What is hemocompatibility? What are adverse events? 
What is complement activation?
How to manage hemoincompatibility?
speaker: Prof. Alberto Ortiz Arduan, MD, PhD, University Autonoma de Madrid, Spain


October 4, 2022/ 5 – 6 pm CEST
06. Multitargeted interventions to reduce 
dialysis-induced systemic stress
How to manage systemic stress? What is systemic stress?
speaker: Prof. Bernard Canaud, MD, Montpellier University and Fresenius Medical Care, France


November 15, 2022/ 5 – 6 pm CET
07. Clinical relevance of abstruse 
transport phenomena in hemodialysis
How to select a membrane. Risks and benefits of larger pore size.
speaker: Mooppil Nandakumar, MBBS, Fresenius Medical Care, Singapore


December 6, 2022/ 5 – 6 pm CET
08. Informed decision-making in delivery of dialysis: 
combining clinical outcomes with sustainability
What are the factors to consider when choosing a more expensive therapy? 
Guidance on points to tackle from HEMA perspective.
5P approach
speaker: Christian Apel, Fresenius Medical Care, Germany


recent webinars


April 26, 2022/ 5 – 6 pm CEST
01. The scientific and technological determinants 
of hemodialysis membranes
What goes on inside a dialyzer?
speaker: Fatih Kircelli, MD, Fresenius Medical Care, Germany


May 10, 2022/ 4 – 5 pm CEST
02. The membrane perspective of uremic toxins: 
which ones should, or can, be removed and how much?
How to choose a dialyzer? Which molecules to target? 
Are large middle molecules really bad?&nbsp
Can we risk albumin removal?
speaker: Xia Tao, MD, PhD, Renal Research Institute, USA


June 7, 2022/ 5 – 6 pm CEST
03. Choices in hemodialysis: variants, personalized 
therapy & application of evidence-based medicine
How to choose a therapy? What are the therapy options?&nbsp
What is EBM?
speaker: Stefano Stuard, MD, PhD, Fresenius Medical Care, Italy