Life/insights with Prof. Christoph Wanner: New on Nephrology Campus

Created on 24/01/2024 12:00

Watch the interview with Prof. Dr. Christoph Wanner

The Nephrology campus is a continuous online learning platform providing on demand scientific lectures, educational videos, podcasts, interviews, and many other scientific highlights. Today we would like to invite you to watch the interview with Prof. Dr. Christoph Wanner, ERA President and the scientific co-chair of the Life/nephrology campus.

In the interview Prof. Wanner expressed his enthusiasm on excellent scientific quality of the last ERA congress in Milan. He highlighted several positive clinical studies presented in the late clinical trial sessions, involving novel CKD medications and the CONVINCE trial.

Prof. Christoph Wanner encouraged all colleagues to use Nephrology campus to get advantage of the scientific content in various modern formats and often even in different languages.


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