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How can I acces the Life/nephrology campus?

Please create a Life/account on Once your account has been created you can access the campus including the Life/library with on-demand content. 

Is there a registration fee for accessing the campus?

No, the campus is openly accessible for everyone.

How can I watch on-demand sessions from the Life/2021 congress?

After successfully creating an account, access the Life/library and enjoy your favourite sessions from the Life/2021 congress.


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Who is the intended audience for the Life/nephrology campus?

The Life/nephrology campus is open for everybody interested in nephrology. You are welcome to join the Life/community whether you are a nephrologist, physician, clinician, resident, scientist, pharmacist, medical student, nurse or otherwise curious about the latest trends in nephrology.

Will there be more content available in the future?

Yes the Life/library will continuously be filled with new content. Stay tuned!



Will there be regular information updates regarding Life/nephrology campus?

Yes, we will keep you regularly updated via Life/news, including announcements of the newest content available. Please subscribe here to never miss out on the latest news.


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Will there be other languages available, e.g. subtitles?

The entire content on the Life/ nephrology campus is available in English. Subtitles for the most viewed sessions in the Life/2021 nephrology congress will be available soon in the following languages: Italian, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, French.

How can I turn on subtitles in the videos?

If subtitles are available for a recorded session, you can select the CC icon in the lower right corner of the player when hovering over the video with your cursor and select a language. For more information, visit the following explanation page.

I could not attend the Life/2021 nephrology congress. Are there recordings available?

Every user of the Life/ nephrology campus has on-demand access to recorded congress sessions in the Life/library. “Body and Mind” sessions, including Yoga and Pilates exercises tailored for CKD and dialysis patients can be found in the Life/ health centre.

If your question was not answered above, please contact our support Team (Support hours: Mon to Fri, 9.30 am - 5 pm CEST):